Private Math Tutor For 6th Grade Students

There are certain grades that are crucial in math learning because you establish important foundational building blocks to expand into more complex subjects later. Grade six is often one of those critical years in most curriculum models because you’re learning the things you need to know before stepping into junior high and high school math. You’re also preparing foundations for post secondary study, should you decide to go there. This is why many sixth grade students benefit from having a private math tutor in Regina.


Private Math Tutor Regina

Your early childhood years in kindergarten through grades three and four are all about getting the basics down. Understanding how addition is different from subtraction and how multiplication and division are opposites. You get to understand the relationship between shapes, angles and fractions and how these concepts intersect. It’s very important that these concepts are strongly in place before starting to learn some of the newer, more complex things taught in the sixth grade. If there are gaps in a child’s learning, they will show as you try to build on those concepts now.

For students who do not have firmly established foundations of the core concepts of math already, it’s highly recommended to seek a private math tutor in Regina as soon as possible. Gaps can be found and a plan put in place to fill in the missing knowledge so the student can be successful in their new school year’s learning. A tutor will give them as much time and different strategies and tools as they need in order to finally get what they need to understand. The tutor will find out their unique strengths and learning style so everything can be tailored to how they learn best. This means they will see progress much quicker than with any other learning method!

Once in the sixth grade, students who previously struggled and sought support from a tutor, or even students who had an easy time with math up to now, may find they need a private math tutor now. The concepts get complicated at times and teachers are pressed against time constraints and have to move at the pace of the average student in the class. This is where a math tutor helps because they can offer additional support outside of the classroom.

Tutors are also an excellent homework support tool for kids in the sixth grade. If their teacher teaches a lesson and then assigns homework, they will have a hard time completing the assignment if they didn’t fully grasp the concept. With tutoring, a child can bring their assignment to their session and review it with the tutor. They can be taught the concept in a different manner to help them grasp it so they can complete their homework independently after their lesson.

A private math tutor is an excellent source of support for kids in the sixth grade and we highly recommend exploring this option to help them make the most of a big learning year!


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