Enterprise Video Production Company In Calgary

The most popular medium to market your brand and communicate with others about your business is video. Video gets three times as much views and engagement over other tools and people tend to remember what they learn in video better than if they have read it somewhere. For these reasons, many businesses choose to hire corporate video production companies in Calgary to help them create amazing video content.

Corporate video companies Calgary

When you are considering videos you might make with your production company, something to consider is that video can be used for so much more than social media or your website. You can create explainer videos to talk more about the value of your products, how to use them or even explaining how they are made. You can rev up shareholder or client presentations and so much more!

Here are some great ideas to consider with your corporate video companies in Calgary:

  1. An Overview Video to tell people what your business does and what values your company stands for. This should include your value proposition so viewers understand why they should learn more about you and consider giving you their business.
  2. Promotional or Product Videos so that each offering you have has an “explainer” video. These are great for web pages, social media, lead capture, YouTube, SEO, email campaigns and to help customers progress in the buying journey. If your product or service has unique processes related to it, you can use one of these videos to show them the “behind the scenes” things they can’t normally see but would help them to understand the value of your product better.
  3. A Branding Video can be similar to an overview video but instead of telling your whole story, you want to focus on the essence of your brand and what it means to you, your team and your customers. These can be used to attract new investors, employees, partners and more as well.
  4. Recruitment Videos are also very valuable in helping you to find quality candidates when you are hiring and to have for ongoing recruitment and internal brand development. Using video will help your job postings to get noticed and will elevate the expectations you can have of a candidate because you’ve already levelled up the hiring experience.
  5. Presentations are made so much more impactful with videos. Whether these are sent to others or shared in person, videos that present your quarterly updates, shareholder updates, promotional presentations and more are very helpful in securing interest and allowing those you want to communicate with to take the information away with them in a more digestible format.
Some businesses still haven’t realized how critical corporate video is to their success and how much quality production can elevate their brand and take them to the next level in the minds of each of the key stakeholders - customers, employees, partners and shareholders - in their business. Reach out to us today to understand our process and how we bring your ideas to life!


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