What Facilities Make Funeral Homes A Good Choice?

There are any funeral homes in Calgary to choose from. That’s why it can be tough to know which one to go with if you’re not quite sure which facilities make a funeral home a good choice for holding a service and funeral reception.


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When planning a funeral reception, you’ll need different choices and options than for a very small, simple service so you’ll potentially look for different qualities but these are the most important facilities you’ll need for a full service funeral, including Calgary obituaries.


1.     Large Chapel Area - If you have a number of guests coming to the funeral homes in Calgary for the service, you’ll want to ensure they have a large enough chapel to fit your guests in. Some older facilities were not built with flexible space in mind so they have a smaller limit of how many people they can accommodate comfortably.

2.     Reception Area - In order to have a funeral reception in the same location as the service, you’ll want a facility with the reception area onsite. This is convenient for your guests and ensures that the whole event runs more smoothly. Planning a funeral reception also requires expertise, efficiency and onsite services. If you choose a funeral home that has experienced staff and doesn’t contract out things such as catering or flowers, you’ll find the whole thing can be put together faster.

3.     Ritual Bathing Area - For cultural funerals that require ritual bathing prior to the funeral service, you’ll want to choose a funeral home that has a facility built with this need in mind. Some funeral homes try to make a space available but others have a room built into the design of their facility that best accommodates bathing for families. We recommend choosing one of these because they will be more comfortable for you.

4.     Modern Retort - Another important facility that makes a funeral home a good choice is when they have a modern retort or cremation chamber. Modern facilities are typically built attached to a chapel to accommodate processions into the chamber and allow families inside to witness the cremation. A modern retort also helps you to ensure oyu are getting the most environmentally friendly process possible because newer retorts emit much less carbon material than older versions.

5.     Additional Services - All of the services required to plan a funeral reception, cater a meal for your guests, provide audio visual needs, provide Calgary obituaries, stationery, floral arrangements, caskets, urns, jewelry and other merchandise should be available at the funeral home you choose. It’s best to have it this way because then you can deal with one funeral home for all of your needs. Facilities that provide as much of these services onsite are the easiest to work with. And you’re more likely to save on the costs since you are buying so much in one place.


Which facilities make a funeral home a good choice are different for each family but if you’re planning a full service funeral, you’ll want to look for those listed above.


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