Invisalign Dentist In NW Calgary

Invisalign is the newest way to straighten teeth without some of the drawbacks of traditional braces. They have become very popular in kids and adults alike because of their versatility and how easy to use they are. For both the patient and the dentist or orthodontist, they have many benefits. Have you visited your Invisalign Dentist in NW Calgary to discuss your options?

Invisalign Dentist In NW Calgary

Some dentists choose to refer patients to an orthodontist when they require braces, but Invisalign is a system that a general dentist can be well trained in so they can offer the option to patients right in their clinic. For many families, this is simply easier and the preferred way of addressing teeth straightening.

Seeing your Invisalign dentist in NW Calgary for teeth straightening treatment can be much simpler. Here’s why:

1.    Comfort. You or your child, whomever is getting the Invisalign, is already comfortable with the team at your current dental clinic so it’s usually more comfortable to continue receiving treatment there. You probably like the dentist and hygienist and know the front desk staff. You know where everything is and feel better starting a new treatment protocol where you are already comfortable.

2.    Continuity. The clinic you are at now already knows your health history, your habits, has your records on file, has watched you grow and change and they have a very well rounded view of your needs.

3.    Billing. Your current dental clinic already has your billing and benefits info on file. They know which plan you use and if you have coverage for the Invisalign treatment. They also know your payment history so they will more easily approve you for payment plans and any arrangements you need to pay for the Invisalign.

4.    Location. Chances are, part of why you chose your current dentist is because they were located near home, school or work. It’s convenient to get there, you know where to park and you know how long it takes to arrive from where you are. This convenience makes it very easy to want to have your current dentist manage your Invisalign treatment as well.

5.    Cost. Sometimes a specialist charges higher rates than your general dentist, even when they are offering the same treatment protocol. They have years of experience and additional training, so it’s worth the cost to see an orthodontist, but if you have a fairly straightforward and simple case, sticking with your family dentist may save you on costs.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why an adult and child would prefer to have their Invisalign treatment handled by their regular family dentist. Especially for aduts who are no longer growing or losing teeth, if you are a candidate for Invisalign, your general dentist should be able to manage your treatment if you find it easier or more convenient. You may also save money and get better payment terms through your current dentist as well.

Ask your Invisalign dentist in NW Calgary today if they can handle your care.


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