Do Your Kids Need Math Help?

Having your child come home with a bad grade in math, or consistently voicing frustration with the subject, can be a bit alarming for parents. You want your child to do well and feel great about their classes. But sometimes issues come up because not every student learns the same way and some concepts require more time or a different explanation for a kid to get it. Classroom teachers rarely have time to adapt their teaching or provide math help on each topic for individual students so once most of the class gets it, they move on. This can leave a child feeling left behind and frustrated especially because math is a subject where concepts build on each other so if a child doesn’t understand the primary concept, they won't understand most of the unit.

Seeing their child struggle is enough to get most parents wondering if they should seek math help for kids. In some cases, a parent or resource teacher at the school can provide a bit of light guidance and a student will understand the concept. But if the issue has compounded for a long time or they are feeling overwhelmed, you may need to seek outside help to get them back on track.

Here are some ways to tell if your child needs math help:

1. Consistent low grades - One or two lower marks mean a child might have had an off day when the test was taken or they need a little bit of help to better understand a certain concept or topic. But if their grades in math are consistently low, there is usually an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Hiring math help for kids will give your child a trained, dedicated resource that can adapt their lessons to exactly how your child learns best. 

2. Negative attitude - Kids will say they hate math sometimes or groan about homework when they don’t feel up to it, but if their overall attitude towards math class, their abilities, or their teacher is negative all the time, it’s a sign that there is a bigger problem that needs to be looked into. Negative attitudes almost always mean the child is struggling and can’t find the words to ask for help. Consider their poor attitude or behavior as a surefire sign they need help. Qualified tutors are trained to connect with frustrated kids so hiring math help is an excellent way to break down those walls and help them find their way back to positivity.

3. Disengaging or giving up - When a kid has become overwhelmed or frustrated to a certain point, they will give up and disengage. They may refuse to participate, stop handing in assignments, or act up in class. These are all signs that they are frustrated and have stopped trying to improve because they need help. Offering them qualified math help is the best way to help them uncover the real problem and resolve their poor attitude or behavior.

If you see any of these signs, you know it’s time to intervene and get math help for kids.


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