Best Bottle Depot in NE Calgary

When you are looking for a bottle depot in NE Calgary, look no further than Sunridge Bottle Depot. We provide a wide variety of recycling services that make us the best Calgary bottle depot because we support your residential, commercial and fundraising needs.

Bottle Depot in Calgary

Sunridge Bottle Depot is one of the newest Calgary bottle depots. We are located in the central north east and have very high standards for cleanliness and quick service. Our staff is helpful and friendly, and brings over 11 years of industry experience to serve you better. We are a full-service bottle depot in NE Calgary with competitive prices, and we are here to make sure that returning your container recyclables is as quick and easy for you as possible!

Our bottle depot has electronic counters with client-facing display monitors and an ATM cash back machine to ensure quick and accurate counting of your bottle returns. This eliminates the room for error and makes the whole proces faster, smoother and more transparent.

Here are some ways that we are working hard to provide you with everything you need from a bottle depot while also keeping you safe while we continue to work through Covid:

     Social distancing within the facility

     Installed social distancing floor decals to reinforce the recommended 2-metre distance recommendation

     Handwashing station and hand sanitizers readily available

     Installed Plexiglass screens between staff and clients

     No contact protocol with electronic payment machine

     Escalated cleaning measures within our facility

     Optional Curbside bottle recycling pick up

     Residential bottle recycling pick up

     Commercial pick up options 

When you choose Sunridge Bottle Depot as your favourite bottle depot in Calgary, you are truly getting the best. We offer bottle recycling in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

We also offer pick-up services across Calgary, not just those in our area. Simply text us to schedule a pick up and we will collect your bottles, return them to our facility for counting and email transfer your return to you. It’s simple, quick and easy for you to get your bottle refund without leaving home or coming into contact with others.

For Calgary businesses and commercial properties, you do not need to be located near our depot to access our commercial bottle recycling program as we service businesses across the entire city. Simply sign up for regular pick up services and we will collect your returns regularly and send your refund to help offset your other waste removal costs.

Both residential and commercial customers can also choose to donate their refund to any registered non-profit organization that has an online bottle drive set up through Sunridge Bottle Depot. Non-profit organizations just need to reach out to us to make their organization available online for donations. Businesses and residents who choose to donate their refund to a non-profit organization can receive a tax receipt and the organizations are able to market the online bottle drive to their supporters.

When looking for the best bottle depot in NE Calgary, look no further than Sunridge Bottle Depot!


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