Shipping container at home in Costa Rica

When relocating to Costa Rica, it is important you are aware of the formalities and norms of shipping. When moving to Costa Rica and bringing all your belongings, shipping costs and import duties can be extremely high.

Costa Rica Car Shipping

It is imperative that you choose a good Costa Rica Shipping company so that you will have seamless and hassle-free shipping process. Here are some of the regulations for shipping container at home in Costa Rica:

Customs Regulations for Costa Rica:

1. Documents required: Below are the documents required when shipping container to Costa Rica:

  1. Passport of all the family members
  2. Inventory in Spanish or English, indicating value declared for customs, showing complete content of cartons and exact number of carton in the container
  3. Include brand name, serial number, model and price of all electronic equipment and electrical appliances.
  4. Insurance documents 
  5. Letter authorizing the destination agent to clear the shipment

All the documents must be original and delays due to incorrect documents will be charged.

2. Regulations of Customs

Import taxes and duties are levied on the used household goods and personal effects except for customers who are diplomats, member of government or international organizations, Costa Rica citizen who lived a minimum of 24 months abroad, still pay taxes. All the shipping will be inspected.

  1. Prohibited items:  There are certain items that are prohibited on shipment on Costa Rica Relocation. These items are explosives, used tires, narcotics drugs, plants, medicines, animal or agricultural products and subversive materials. In case if any of the above items are included in the shipment, it will be shipped back to origin country or abandoned. The additional costs for either of the option will be charged to the customers.
  2. Restricted items: There are certain items that are restricted to enter Costa Rica. New items, large appliances, computers, weapons and ammunition, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, weapons and ammunition etc are restricted items for shipment.
  3. Import duties and taxes: If you are planning to import your vehicles to Costa Rica, then be prepared for high import duties and taxes. The taxes and duties depend on value, model, year and other aspects of your vehicle. Also, your vehicle must have EPA smog test signed off by the consulate of the country from which the vehicle is exported. You need to submit original documents of registration card and purchase invoice.
  4. Pet relocation: If you are planning to bring your pet to Costa Rica then you need to follow certain formalities of PET regulations. Dogs and cats are permitted. You need to produce certain documents that include anti-rabies, health certificate and invoice indicating value of animal.

Cost is an important factor when you are planning to relocation to Costa Rica. If you are moving to Costa Rica, the final cost will depend on many factors, including the size of your shipment and services you require. It is therefore important to hire a good shipping company to help you have hassle free and seamless shipping to Costa Rica at the best market cost.


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