How to Know if you're Working with the Best Dentist in Calgary

Your mouth is a crucial component of your overall health. It is the gateway for life sustaining food to enter your body, it manages the majority of what comes in and out of your body and it’s how to speak and communicate with the outside world. Good oral health supports your overall health in many ways, but we are more likely to notice the ways that it can fail us. A sore tooth can give off hours of extreme pain, a poor smile can be a confidence killer and a misaligned jaw can cause stress and issues all over your body. It’s safe to say that keeping your mouth clean, healthy, aligned and looking beautiful is important in almost every facet of your life. 

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Mouth health being so important to our daily lives makes your dentist one of the most critical allies on your health and wellness team. Choosing the best dentist in Calgary to support your oral health, help you to navigate how your mouth affects the rest of your body and to ensure a gorgeous smile for years to come is an important decision. It’s not as simple as choosing the closest dentist to your house, you want to examine several factors to ensure you are working with the best dentist in Calgary.

Here are some ways you’ll know you’ve found the best dentist in Calgary:

1.    They will take the time to assess your overall health as it relates to your mouth. A great dentist will take the time to get to know your health, lifestyle and to uncover any underlying factors that are being affected by your mouth or concerns elsewhere in your body that could be hurting your oral health

2.    They will listen to you and respect your concerns, needs and any fears you may have. You should choose a dentist that you feel comfortable being honest with. They should listen to your concerns, discuss the details with you and be willing to accommodate any special needs you may have and to work through any fears you may be bring with you from past experiences

3.    They are transparent and will always discuss the procedures being recommended, what your options are and provide upfront estimates. Feeling you can trust your dentist is crucial to ensuring you get the best possible care so be sure to look for a dentist who is willing to provide full details on any procedures they recommend, why they are recommending it, what options you have and how much it will cost - upfront and before any treatment or service is started

4.    They will work with you to craft a long term plan to reach any oral health goals you may have, whether that's treatments, smile design or routine maintenance to help your mouth age well

Choosing the best dentist in Calgary to help you optimize your oral health and maintain it over a lifetime is not a decision to be taken lightly. We recommend asking friends and family for referrals and moving on if you are ever unsure of or unhappy with the care you are receiving.

At Ambiance Dental, we truly appreciate each patient relationship and are honoured to be chosen as such an important part of our patient’s healthcare team. We work diligently to provide thorough, detailed assessments and to truly get to know our patients. Our dentists want to ensure your oral health is at it’s best today and in the future!

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