Why Indian tea is famous in all over the world

 Tea is one such beverage that is commonly consumed in most parts of the world though its method of consumption varies from place to place. Some countries prefer to drink black tea, while the others love to have tea with milk, some tea lovers prefer to have herbal and healthy tea flavors. Whatever be the taste of the beverage, tea is relished in every form.

Indian tea is most famous all over the world and tea suppliers in India, supply best quality tea blends customized to various taste and preferences of tea lovers spread all across the world.

India is one of the world’s leading countries in tea production and it grows some of the very best tea blends. The Indian tea plantations in Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling are known to produce the best tea blends that are known all across the globe for their aroma and unmatched flavor.

Indian teas are known for its magnificent taste, mesmerizing aroma, briskness and strong malty flavor. Most of the tea blends of India come with great health benefits. Darjeeling tea is famous all over the world and has many varieties including black, oolong, green and white. Black tea of Darjeeling is famous all across the globe for its great flavor and distinct aromatic smell. It is the tea that soothes the senses and offers many health benefits like preventing obesity and gastric ulcers.

Nilgiri tea, also popularly known as the blue mountain tea is grown in the southern part of the Western Ghats. It is a dark, flavorful and extremely aromatic tea and is the most sought after variety all across the world. Many tea lovers of the West make iced tea using Nilgiri tea.

Assam tea is best known for its briskness and strong malty flavor. It is not only famous in India but also is sold as the breakfast tea in many parts of the world. The leading tea suppliers in India supply the best quality of teas customized to meet the taste preferences of varied tea lovers, who are spread all across the globe.

India produces some of the most flavorful teas, whose taste are so pleasant and captivating that Indian tea has become popular drink in many countries of the world. The teas of India are flavorful and aromatic teas and thus loved by many tea connoisseurs all over the world.

The leading tea suppliers of India directly source the tea blends directly from tea gardens and the tea blends are crafted by the hand to meet the taste needs of the varied tea lovers. The professional suppliers curate the finest Indian tea leaves and craft them into authentic blends using all the natural ingredients.

The teas exported by the leading Indian tea suppliers are whole leaf, flavorful and healthy. The artisanal tea blends are immensely popular among the tea lovers spread all across the globe. Tea for tea connoisseurs is not just the drink, it is the emotion, the feeing which they love to enjoy with every sip and professional tea suppliers of India are well aware of this and make sure to supply the best quality tea blend at the most affordable price.


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