8th Grade Math Teaching Strategies

If you have never been a struggling learner in math, it can be hard to understand why some students struggle so much. In order to truly help a struggling learner, it is important to build a strong connection with them so they will open up to you. Many children feel more comfortable with an outside teacher rather than working with a parent. For this reason, many families will hire online math tutoring to help their children gain critical math skills.

The Grade 8 math curriculum is designed to appeal to each student’s unique interests, abilities, and needs. As a result, it is imperative to make connections to all students’ prior knowledge, experiences, and backgrounds. As much as each teacher tries to offer this, at a more senior grade level, it can be challenging to connect with each child’s diverse interests and experiences. This is why private online math tutoring is so beneficial.

Students learn by attaching meaning to what they do, and they need to construct their own meaning of mathematics. This meaning is best developed when learners encounter mathematical experiences that proceed from the simple to the complex and from the concrete to the abstract. The use of manipulatives and a variety of pedagogical approaches can address the diversity of learning styles and developmental stages of students. Online math tutoring allows the tutor to determine which tools will work best for your child and how they create meaningful connections. 

Students also need frequent opportunities to develop and reinforce their conceptual understanding, procedural thinking and problem-solving abilities. By addressing these three interrelated components, online math tutoring helps students to strengthen their ability to apply

mathematical learning to their daily lives.

The learning environment created by online math tutoring should value and respect

all students’ experiences and ways of thinking, so that learners are comfortable taking intellectual risks, asking questions and posing conjectures. Working one on one with a private tutor allows your child to create a relationship with the tutor that lets them feel comfortable and safe taking risks.

Students need to explore problem-solving situations in order to develop personal strategies and become mathematically literate. Learners must realize that it is acceptable to solve problems in different ways and that solutions may vary. This is another area that online math tutoring excels. Your child will work with an instructor who will give them opportunities to explore and will guide them while still allowing them to learn independently.

Environments that create a sense of belonging, encourage risk taking and provide opportunities for success help students develop and maintain positive attitudes and self-confidence. Students with positive attitudes toward learning mathematics are likely to be motivated and prepared to learn, participate willingly in learning activities, persist in challenging situations and engage in reflective practices. Online math tutoring gives your child this type of environment and fosters positive attitudes towards learning and how to work through any challenges they face.

Many families choose online math tutoring for their children in grade 8 because it is a more complex year that often requires more expertise to support a child through.


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